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I am so lucky to have had a grandfather like him: “Good, happy, hard-working, thorough and precise, neat and tidy, with a love for a job well done, and much more”. These were the words of my father, who had the same trade, about his own father, Joan Busquets i Jané [link to text in Catalan]. For many years my father preserved and kept the sketches and designs of the furniture made by my grandfather, along with a good collection of photographs by Audouard and a fine collection of art books he had bought on his trips to European fairs so he could keep up with the latest artistic trends. In 1989 he and the teacher Teresa Maria Sala created a book for the “Gent Nostra” (Our People) series to bring the attention to my grandfather that he deserved. Subsequently, Teresa wrote a very complete book entitled La casa Busquets (The Busquets House), an exhaustive and well-documented work. Now we are fortunate to be able to enjoy all of these beautiful pieces of furniture in the modern art rooms at the MNAC!

Roser Busquets Manén (Friend of the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya since 2007)