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Roads, Travel and Artists

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21 x 30 cm
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This publication offers a collection of papers given at a conference series entitled Roads, Travel and Artists , the result of a joint proposal originally presented by the Department of Romanesque Art and the Cabinet of Drawings and Prints at MNAC, with the support and collaboration of the Friends of MNAC Foundation.

The series was planned to round off two exhibitions given at MNAC between the spring and autumn of 2006, and jointly organised by the two departments: the first, entitled Domènech i Montaner and the Discovery of the Romanesque, organised by the curators Manuel Castiñeiras and Gemma Ylla-Català; the second, entitled Alexandre de Laborde’s Travels in Spain. Preparatory drawings, organised by the curators Francesc Quílez and Jordi Casanovas.

This book contains original-language transcripts of the papers given, along with their summaries in English, Catalan and Spanish:

  • “Arthur Kingsley Porter e le vie del pellegrinaggio: un modello di racconto. Riforma gregoriana e origini del “romanico in occidente, by Arturo Carlo Quintavalle (28th september 2006)
  • “British artists and travellers on the “grand tour in the mid-eighteenth century, by Brian Allen (3rd october 2006)
  • “Roma: el viaje del artista, by Vicente Lleó Cañal (5th october 2006)
  • “Viaggiavano gli artisti nei lunghi secoli del medioevo? E perché, e come, e quando?, by Enrico Castelnuovo (10th october 2006)
  • “Les peintres français en Espagne de Delacroix à Manet, by Geneviève Lacambre (24th october 2006)
  • “El viatge a Orient i la pintura del segle XIX. Algunes particularitats de la pràctica pictòrica en terres musulmanes, by Jordi Àngel Carbonell (19th october 2006)
  • “La literatura i les ganes de fugir, by Jordi Gràcia (17th october 2006)