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About Us


The Friends of the MNAC was founded in 1996 with the mission of raising public awareness of the heritage preserved by the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. After ten years of activity as an association, in 2006 we became a legally recognised foundation in order to become a more effective instrument to support the Museum. The consolidation of the entity led us to take a step further and divide the original mission into three main objectives:

  • To raise public awareness of the MNAC collection;
  • To contribute to conserving and enriching the MNAC art collection;
  • To cultivate a sense of appreciation for our heritage.

History of the Friends of the MNAC (PDF)


The Friends of the MNAC is a not-for-profit organisation legally recognised as a private foundation. The governing body is the Board of Directors, which meets 5 times a year and consists of 14 directors. The Technical Team is responsible for the everyday management of the Foundation.


Board of Directors


  • Ms. Laura Cendrós Jorba


  • Mr. Pere Carles Subirà
  • Mr. Guillem Carol Vallès
  • Ms. Marta Cervelló Casanova
  • Ms. Maite Esteve Torró
  • Ms. Natàlia Martí Picó
  • Mr. Pepe Serra Villalba
  • Mr. Jordi Vivancos i Farràs


  • Ms. Cristina Martí Mogas


Technical Team